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Beat Red Light Camera Ticket

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In 2005 Washington State authorized its cities to allow the use of red light traffic cameras. These cameras take a photo of the vehicle entering an intersection after the light has turned red and document the time of day, date, vehicle speed and license plate number. A ticket is then sent to the registered owner of that vehicle, regardless if that indvidual was the driver or not at the time of the incident. A traffic camera is only permitted to take a picture of acheter du cialis en ligne the license plate, so the driver's face cannot appear on the photo.  Although getting a red light traffic ticket will not affect your insurance rates or appear on your driving record, the fine can cost up to $250. If you have received a red light traffic camera ticket, then eTicketbuster can help. There are many regulations associated with red light camera tickets. For example, if the court does not receive the video or picture, then your case could be dismissed automatically. eTicketbuster is here to make the entire process easier to manage. See “How it Works” or our “FAQ” page for more information and start busting your ticket today.

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