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Every day an average of more than 2,600 non-criminal traffic infraction tickets are issued across Washington state, costing citizens more than $140,000,000 in 2011 according to the buy viagra with paypal Washington State Judicial Information Service (JIS).  In addition, traffic infraction tickets can increase an individual’s automobile insurance rate and even lead to a suspended driver’s license. Until now, drivers had the option of paying the fine, requesting a mitigation hearing (which admits to committing the infraction), taking time off from work and representing themselves, or hiring an attorney to appear in court. Introducing the online traffic attorney helping people respond to their non-criminal traffic infraction tickets.

The online platform has launched and is available now for public use. is a new, innovative and unique website allowing clients to contest their red light, speeding, sign and other moving traffic violations on-line in Washington state. Utilizing a written statement is a more economical way to contest traffic infractions than hiring an attorney to appear in court, and clients need not show up at court and miss work. Clients complete an on-line form and upload a copy of their traffic ticket into their personalized and secure lockbox. Clients deposit one half of their ticket amount into a trust account plus a $6.50 processing fee. If successfully contests the ticket, the client pays one half of the ticket amount. If eTicketbuster is unsuccessful, the client receives a full 100% refund of the trust account deposit. Clients have nothing to lose.

eTicketbuster is the trade name of Steven A. Hemmat, P.S., dba The Law Office of Steven A. Hemmat, P.S., a Washington state law firm providing “unbundled legal services

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