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What do I need to send eTicketbuster?

The only physical item you need to send us is a copy of your ticket that you will send to the court. You also have the option to send us photographs if you believe it would be helpful to your case. However, we obtain all the other relevant information we need through your completion of the questionnaire on the website when you create your account. Simply fill out the requested ticket information and send to us a copy of your ticket. You can upload your ticket right on the website, though your "LockBox" or by fax.

Can I use this service if I have already sent in my ticket to the court to contest the infraction?

Absolutely! In addition to uploading your ticket, if you've also received your trial date please upload this letter with the date from the court.  Please note that you should have contested the speeding ticket or red light ticket and not request a mitigation hearing. If you have any questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I mail my traffic ticket to eTicketbuster?

Yes, you may also mail in a copy of your speeding ticket or red light ticket, but we would prefer you to just upload the copy directly into your lockbox.

What is required of me after submitting my information online?

After submitting your information online, you are responsible for sending your ticket to the court. Please make sure you mark "contested hearing" and sign your ticket, but use eTicketbuster's address with your name in the space provided on your ticket. eTicketbuster's address is: 605 First Avenue, Suite 530, Seattle, Washington 98104. We may contact you to obtain further information to clarify any ... dem wirkstoff tadalafil sind in der eu noch keine generika zugelassen generika potenzmittel questions we may have regarding your submitted statement and personal information. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and wait for our drafted statement for your review and electronic signature before we submit it to the court.

Does eTicketbuster send the documents to the court for me?

Absolutely! Once you sign up for our services and send your ticket in to be contested, we do all the work for you, including sending all the necessary documentation to the court.

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