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The Ruling

What happenss if my infraction doesn't get dismissed?

If your infraction is not dismissed, then you will be required to pay the ticket's fine. However, eTicketbuster will refund the fees you deposited in our trust account except for any non-refundable fees such as the $6.50 processing fee or those incurred for expedited services.

How often do your clients get their case dismissed?

The attorney Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC 7.1) prohibit us from providing information that could lead a reasonable person to form an unjustified expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each case. However, the attorney and legal staff preparing your statement have extensive legal experience and familiarity with this area of law. And remember, if we don't succeed, then we don't get paid.

Does the judge have to provide a reason for their ruling?

No, the judge is not required to provide a reason for the ruling but he or she can.

Does the fine ever get reduced?

In certain instances the court may reduce your fine instead of dismissing the infraction. In such circumstances, you will pay eTicketbuster a proportional share of the reduced amount. See "What if my fine is reduced?" for further details.

What if I get a deferred finding or a non-moving traffic violation?

If the court issues a deferred finding or a non-moving traffic violation, eTicketbuster will charge a flat fee of $50, but will not exceed your original 50% deposit. A deferred finding or non-moving traffic violation will not affect your insurance rates and will not go on your driving record as long as (with a deferred finding) you maintain a clean driving record for six months to a year depending on the court. Additionally, you are only allowed one deferred finding every seven years. Typically, eTicketbuster does not ask for deferred findings; however, in some circumstances, the court will issue this decision.

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