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Dismiss Traffic Ticket - Success!

Thank you, Jason! I really appreciate all of yours and your legal team's help on this. I will certainly refer your firm to others.Thanks again. 

C.W., Renton, Washington -

Need to give a thanks to eTicketbuster. [T]he customer service was great. They promptly responded to the emails and questions I had. All I had to do was copy and scan my ticket and tell them my side of the story. They did the rest. At 1/2 the price of the ticket , and guaranteed or your money back, can't beat it. Just got the notice that my case was dismissed!

A.F., Tacoma, Washington -

Great idea from a great attorney. A much needed area of practice, especially for those for whom hiring an attorney for traffic infractions is cost prohibitive.

J.F, Seattle, Washington -

So my buddy Jason Walker is a pretty freaking cool guy. He and some friends of his from a law firm that he worked at started a business contesting traffic tickets. They just got me out of a speeding ticket even though I admitted to the officer that I was speeding. So if anyone has a ticket in Washington State and wants to contest it they are really good and I suggest getting in contact with them.

J.M., Spokane, Washington -

eTicketbuster is awesome! As a person who gets an occasional speeding infraction, it’s great to know that Steve and the eTicketbuster team have my back. Great service, I recommend them to everyone. You can put your trust in Steve, he will take care of you.

J.C., Issaquah, Washington -

Thank you for all of your assistance and the professional manner in which you provided information to me. Your cordial and affable attitude was very much appreciated. I have recommended your services to others as well!

T.R., Ellensburg, Washington-

Thank you! I heard about eTicketbuster on the news one night and as luck would have it, I received a speeding ticket a couple of weeks later in a different county from where I live. It would have been a major hassle to appear in court to fight the ticket but I definitely didn’t want to ruin my clean driving record. I remembered eTicketbuster, found the Website, followed the simple instructions and waited. I just received notice that my ticket has been completely dismissed. The process was easy and I’m delighted with the results. Normally I’m a careful driver and I’m not planning on getting any more tickets, but if I do in the future, I’ll know exactly what to do. Thanks eTicketbuster!

J.T., Bellevue, Washington -

Contacted eTicketbuster after receiving a speeding ticket that I did not deserve. Asked if they could help me. They did everything for me, was the easiest thing that I have done. Thank you for getting my ticket dismissed. You are awesome.

M.V., Silverdale, Washington -

I was impressed with's ability to be both very reactive and helpful in preparing me to contest my traffic ticket. I contacted them late in the process and they worked with me by providing a written statement 3 days before my court date. I would use them again and I would recommend them to both family and friends. Thank you!

T.W., Lake Stevens, Washington -

Thank you so much for getting my ticket dismissed. The process was seamless and I was kept very informed at each stage. Hopefully I will not need to take advantage of your services again, but I highly recommend you to anyone who gets a ticket!

S.S., Seattle, Washington -

The folks at eTicketbuster were very professional and cordial at the same time. Making the process of contesting my ticket a rather simple process. I was not as fortunate as others here since my ticket was not dismissed, but they kept their word and immediately refunded my service fee the same day the court’s ruling was given to me. They even assisted me with a follow up request to the court for a deferred finding even after they refunded my fee. That is customer service at its best! I would highly recommend eTicketbuster to anyone that has a traffic violation that they would need contested.

E.V., Bellevue, Washington -

Yay! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much. I’ve never used a ticket busting service before and, in all honesty, I didn’t expect the ticket to be dismissed. I thought it would likely be reduced, but not dismissed. I’m so pleased with the results and with the service I received. The intake portion is easy on your website, I appreciated the email follow ups, and am delighted to have my ticket dismissed. Thank you so much for working on my behalf.

O.S., Las Vegas, Nevada -

A big “Thank You” to eTicketbuster! Jason helped me get my ticket dismissed. I am so pleased knowing that it's not on my record. You really came through for me.

M.R., Bonney Lake, Washington -

When I first encountered eTicketbuster online, I was a little skeptical that such an easy, convenient service would really work. But, I had just moved to Washington State, had just started a new job, and alas, I had gotten a speeding ticket on my way to work one morning. I wasn't in a position to take the day off to go to court, funds were tight after a cross-country move, and I didn't need an infraction hiking up the cost of my car insurance. So, I decided to give it a shot. The legal professionals at eTicketbuster did everything for me, and I was notified throughout the process. They prepared a winning written statement, sent it to the court, and sure enough my ticket was dismissed! So easy, and so worth the money. THANK YOU, eTicketbuster!

J.S., Seattle, Washington -

My husband and I have careers where we practically live in our cars. Since we spend such a disproportionate amount of time driving and struggling with traffic conditions and unknown locations, we are prone to more traffic violations. Luckily, we were referred to eTicketbuster by some friends and have had great success. Eticketbuster has successfully had 3 of our tickets dismissed in the past 6 months alone. The customer service is great, communication is clear and although receiving a ticket is no fun, working with the staff at eTicketbuster is a joy. I have recommended them to several other friends. It’s a win /win situation.

V.S., Sammamish, Washington -

Thank you for getting my ticket dismissed. I am very pleased with your help and I would definitely look forward to referring you to my friends and family. Thanks again.

K.S., Issaquah, Washington -

A friend of my Mom's referred us to your website. The cost you have save me and my parents on my insurance cost is awesome!! This has also taught me a valuable lesson to watch my speed at all times. Thanks again for your help.

D.B., Covington, Washington -

Thanks - Your service is BRILLIANT.

J.M., Vashon, Washington -

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